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In 2012 we lost Jean Jacques Peters, former engineer of Flanders Hydraulics Research (1964 till 1979) and international expert in sediment transport, river hydraulics and morphology. As a tribute to him we have created potamology, a virtual memorial archive whose aim is to preserve and disseminate his way of thinking and his morphological approach to river problems all over the world.
This archive provides four modules, each with its specific information set relevant to Peters’ work. Where available and if not confidential, there will also be access to the full text. In dialogue with Peters’ family we continue to make his life’s work accessible.

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  • 2006. 17th International Sedimentological Congress [Japan], more
  • 1981. 19th IAHR World Congress [India], more
  • 1985. 26th International Navigation Congress = 26e Congress de l'AIPCN [Belgium], more
  • 2008. 2ème salon PREVIRISQ des techniques de prevention des inondations et d'aménagement des cours d'eau [France], more
  • 2003. 30th IAHR congress: Water engineering and research in a learning society: modern developments and traditional concepts [Greece], more
  • 2009. 31èmes Journées de l’Hydraulique de la Société Hydrotechnique de France: morphodynamique et gestion des sédiments dans les estuaires, les baies et les deltas [France], more
  • 2006. 31st PIANC congress [Portugal], more
  • 2007. 32nd Congress of IAHR, the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research [Italy], more
  • 2007. 5th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics [Netherlands], more
  • 2009. 6th International SedNet conference: The Role of Sediments in Coastal Management [Germany], more
  • 2006. 7th International Conference on Hydroinformatics [France], more
  • 8th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Hydrodynamics: Bottom Turbulence [Belgium], more
  • 9th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Hydrodynamics: Hydrodynamics of Estuaries and Fjords [Belgium], more
  • 2011. Antwerpse zeerechtdagen 2000-2001 [Belgium], more
  • 2001. Belgische verkeersverbindingen door Nederland, Nederlandse verkeersverbindingen door België: faciliteit of belemmering; De Schelde in de XXIste eeuw [Belgium], more
  • 2008. CEDA Dredging Days 2008: Dredging facing Sustainability [Belgium], more
  • 2007. Congres Watersysteemkennis 2006/2007 [Belgium], more
  • 2008. Cours Hydrographie [Belgium], more
  • 2001. De Rijn-Schelde-Delta en het bedrijfsleven in Europa: grenzeloze partners [Netherlands], more
  • 2004. De Schelde in 2050 [Belgium], more
  • 2001. ETNET 21, First Plenary Meeting: International Colloquium Knowledge transfer for environment-water [Netherlands], more
  • 1990. Fifth International Conference on Urban Storm Drainage [Japan], more
  • 1992. Fifth International Symposium on River Sedimentation [Germany], more
  • 2008. General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union EGU [Austria], more
  • 2001. Hoorzitting donderdag 8 maart 2001 Vlaams Parlement - Commissie Infrastructuur [Belgium], more
  • 1995. HYDRA 2000 XXVI th IAHR Congress: hydraulics research and its application next century [UK], more
  • 1989. HYDROCOMP '89 - The International Conference on Interactions of Computational Methods and Measurement in Hydraulics and Hydrology: Computational Modelling and Experimental Methods in Hydraulics, more
  • 1970. Hydrological and meteorological services: technical conference [Switzerland], more
  • 2001. Informatievergadering De Schelde: onze aorta - Verbeteren van de scheepvaartgeul in de Westerschelde [Belgium], more
  • 1986. International Symposium on Comparison of Urban Drainage Models with Real Catchment Data [Croatia], more
  • 1985. International Symposium on Measuring Techniques in Hydraulic Research [Netherlands], more
  • 1993. International Workshop on Morphological Behaviour of the Major Rivers in Bangladesh [Bangladesh], more
  • 1993. International Workshop on morphological behaviour of the mayor rivers in Bangladesh [Bangladesh], more
  • 2005. Lessenreeks "De Schelde, een globale schets" [Belgium], more
  • 2006. MAREDFlow : 'Vlaanderen, maritieme kennisregio' [Belgium], more
  • 2000. Naar een geïntegreerd water- en waterloopbeheer: technieken, methoden, ervaringen [Belgium], more
  • 1987. NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Movable Bed Physical Models [Netherlands], more
  • 2007. Noordzeesymposium - De Noordzee, geografisch bekeken [Belgium], more
  • 2010. PIANC MMX Congress - 32nd PIANC Congress - 125th anniversary [UK], more
  • 2008. Primer Seminario de Potamología [Mexico], more
  • 1973. Problemen van het kwik: studiedag = Problèmes de Mercure: journée d'études = Problems of mercury: meeting [Belgium], more
  • 2002. River Flow 2002: International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics [Belgium], more
  • 2006. River Flow 2006 [Portugal], more
  • Séminaire sur la Gestion des Ressources en Eau, more
  • 2001. Seminario Geo- y fluviomorfología en el sistema T.D.P.S. [Mexico], more
  • 2002. Seminario sobre sedimentos y el uso de datos [Mexico], more
  • 1987. Short course on discharge and velocity measurements [Switzerland], more
  • 2010. SIMHYDRO 2010: modèles hydrauliques et incertitudes [France], more
  • 2001. Simposio internacional sobre el sistema del Lago Titicaca [Bolivia], more
  • 2008. Studiedag Lange Termijn Visie: Onderzoek & Monitoring Schelde-estuarium [Belgium], more
  • 2006. Studiedag 'Water en Sediment' [Belgium], more
  • 1986. Symposium 'De maritieme toegang tot Zaïre' = L'accès maritime au Zaïre [Belgium], more
  • 1988. Symposium "La Gestion Automatisée des Réseaux d'Assainissement" [France], more
  • 1998. Symposium L'eau: une valeur mondiale = Water: wereldwijd en waardevol = Water: Worldwide and worthwhile, more
  • 1980. Symposium on Transport processes in Estuarine and Near-Shore Zones [Denmark], more
  • 2008. Techniques de dragage - APEC Séminaire RVM, RdC [Belgium], more
  • 1976. Third Federal Inter-agency Sedimentation Conference [USA], more
  • 1991. Third International Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries [Kenya], more
  • 2005. Training course: The Scheldt, an ecological sketch [Belgium], more
  • 1976. Unesco/SCOR Workshop on the Biogeochemistry of Estuarine Sediments [Belgium], more
  • 2000. Wasserbau - Kolloquium 2000 IAHR Stuttgart Student Chapter Inauguration: International Education, Engineering and Project Management in Water Resources [Germany], more
  • 2007. Werkbezoek Nederlandse en Vlaamse commissies [Belgium], more
  • 2006. Wetenschappelijke studiedag 'De Vlakte van de Raan' [Belgium], more
  • WMO Regional Training Workshop on Gauging of Large Rivers, Regional Association for Sub-Saharan Africa (R.A. IV; 1993 [Egypt], more
  • WMO Regional Training Workshop on Sediment Transport Measurements, Regional Association for Asia and Pacific Islands (UN R.A. II and V; 1990) [China], more
  • 1985. Workshop "The dams in the Senegal River", more
  • 2004. World Dredging Congress XVII: 'Dredging in a Sensitive Environment' [Germany], more

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